Sunday 10 November 2019

Life on the Weald - September 2019

Life on the Weald - September 2019

We made a brief visit on the 1st September and our first disappointment of the month was to find that all our late sown peas were gone. Not just picked but all the plants removed!  

They were in a raised bed near to the communal footpath/roadway, close to the bed where all our broad beans had been stolen earlier this year. The pea plants were all gone but they left the weeds!

The following day we were off to Spain and the journey didn't start well. We usually pop in to Pret for either a pre-flight snack or to take one on the plane, but it was the peas all over again!

After a brief holiday, we returned home mid-September to an abundance of produce at the allotment and in the garden.

The tomatoes were still giving

Golden cherry tomatoes 13 September

the chillies were ripening

and the apple tree was laden with fruit

Apples 13 September

We even had an aubergine on the plant in a pot in the garden.

Hove grown aubergine 13 September

Our pumpkins were a good size and ripening and there were yet more tromboncinos and patty pan squashes

Pumpkins 13 September
Tromboncinos 13 September


And yes, more giant courgettes!  


And a proliferation of French beans

French beans 13 September
French beans amongst the harvest

Crown Prince and patty pan squash 13 September

Patty pan squashes
We picked the last of the French beans.  They were past their best but still very good

The last of the French beans
Very little work had been done on the plot this month apart from harvesting and towards the end of the month everything was put on hold for the Labour Party Conference which had come to Brighton (possibly for the last time if they proceed with plans to demolish the Brighton Centre and build a new one at the Marina!  Who in their right minds would want to go to a sterile conference centre outside of town, miles from a railway station, away from the hotels and all the social life that is the essence of Brighton? Hopefully someone will see sense.

After the conference, we picked the Borlotti beans and took them home to dry

....and placed the squashes in a cool place

September harvest

But then it was time to go up to Chesterfield for a surprise wedding anniversary party for my brother-in-law, Ray and his wife, Yvonne. I wouldn't see the allotment again until October.

John Austin

Hove, September 2019

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