Monday 14 March 2022

Life on The Weald - February 2022

Life on the Weald - and in the garden - February 2022 

Crocuses, Camellia, Hellebores and Primroses - 7 February

The month started with very mild weather.

Monday 7 February was like a spring day with blue skies and temperatures reaching 12C.  But it wasn't to last!

The temperature began to drop on the Tuesday.  I had sown some parsnip seeds which I covered with fleece.

8 Feb - Parsnips sown

I dug a shallow trench for the first row of First Early Red Duke of York potatoes, and part filled the trench with some good compost before planting the seed potatoes that had been chitted.

Trench ready for the first early potatoes

Saturday 12th  was bright but cold with strong winds which, overnight at home, had brought down one of the branches from our eucalyptus tree.

The kale which had not been netted had been devastated by pigeons, but the crop was coming to an end but the purple sprouting broccoli was looking good and almost ready to harvest.

12 Feb - Purple sprouting broccoli

12 February - Purple sprouting broccoli

Sunday 13 and Monday 14 February were miserable days with persistent rain and a maximum temperature of only 7C.  At home the crocuses were flowering on the lawn and the fallen branch from the eucalyptus can be seen in the background.

15 Feb - crocuses and fallen branch

On 15 February we took off for Spain, returning on 28 February.  Whilst we were away some of the worst storms in recent history hit the UK.  Damage and flooding in the North of England was extensive but the South East did not escape some damage.  We were worried about our allotment but were reassured when Sylvi's son, Luke, sent us some photos.

Our shed, which was already a bit worse for wear, had survived miraculously and the roof had stayed on but the doors were blown in and the shed is now at a jaunty angle and some panels have come adrift.

19 February our shed after the storm

Our neighbour's shed did not fare so well.................

Our neighbour's shed

............and her wooden-framed greenhouse had been blown on to its side.

Our neighbour's greenhouse

A nearby plot holder's greenhouse was completely demolished

Another plot holder's greenhouse

Judging by the photos sent to me, I assumed our plastic storage box would be a write-off as the lid and one of the doors had blown off, presumably snapping the hinges.

Our stroage box, after the storm

The lid from our storage box after the storm

There will certainly be lots of clearing up to do on our return. 

John Austin

Hove, February 2022