Wednesday 15 February 2017

LIFE ON THE WEALD - January 2017

January 2017

We went a bit over the top with garlic planting towards the end of 2016.

I had bought two varieties from the site shop a white one and a purple one Provence Wight and Purple Wight but I had also ordered varieties from Sutton's which included Edenrose, Printanor, Germidour and Messidrome.  The Germidour is also known as Purple Wight.  So we have 5 varieties to see which do best on our soil and in our climate (and rather a lot left over which has gone to Luke at Neville and one of our neighbours at the Weald, Steve).

I had also bought some shallots – Griselle - for autumn/winter planting. We made a quick visit to the site in January to see how things were progressing and were pleased to see that the shallots were beginning to sprout although a few had been dug up and had to be replanted.  I'm told that birds mistake the growing tips for worms and pull them out and then leave them when they find they are not.  I have covered the beds with some plastic mesh as a temporary precaution until they get rooted. The garlic also seems to be progressing well.

We attempted some digging to clear a patch to transfer our blackcurrants from Mile Oak but the ground was too wet for any serious digging and weed clearance.

The Aquadulce broad beans planted in October/November are doing well and I also planted a double row of another variety Luz d'Otona just before Xmas.

Sylvi has made great progress in building a fence with old pallets at the end of the allotment and clearing a space to site the shed.  We need to get team shed together soon!

John Austin

Hove, January 2017

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