Friday 16 March 2018

OUR ALLOTMENT - Life on The Weald February 2018

Life on The Weald February 2018

A look out of the window in early February and I decided it wasn't a day for the allotment.

And if January wasn't wet enough we've had rain and more rain throughout February.

On the odd dry day I did manage to get up to the plot and surprisingly we are still harvesting Brussels sprouts.

I started chitting the early potatoes at home in January and have now moved them to the shed on the allotment.

I made a start on trying to clear some ground for the first earlies but the ground is waterlogged and where there is clay it was just impossible to dig.

Frost and snow were forecast so I did what I could and just turned over some of the soil where the potatoes are to go, knowing that I will have to do it again to remove the couch grass and bind weed next month.  Hopefully after a bit of frost and when the soil has dried out a bit it will be easier to shake the soil off the roots.

And sure enough, towards the end of the month the snow fell.  A glance outside the front door told me there wasn't much chance of getting back to the allotment this month. 
Berriedale Avenue, Hove 27 February 2018

 But for exercise I did manage a brisk walk down to the beach!

Not surprisingly, the putting green was deserted! (apart from a herring gull or two)

Hove Lawns, Pitch 'n' Putt

We've also endured gale force winds - and the beach seems to have migrated to the promenade.  Usually there are steps down to the beach - but not anymore!

The beach and promenade come together!

The forecast for March seems little better. So as far as the allotment is concerned its been a bad start to the year!

John Austin

Hove, February 2018